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If you’re an avid fan of camping or staycations, having a static home or touring caravan can make your dream holiday come true. There’s a catch, though: investing in brand new caravans can be costly — it can even be out of reach for some. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get the vacation you’re yearning for! 

At CaravanBreakersNearMe.com , you can buy used caravans at reasonable prices from our range of expertly recycled static homes and tourers.

We purchase thousands of second-hand units across various types and major brands from private owners. Then, we use our expertise in caravan recycling in the UK to recondition them before bringing them back to the caravanning market for caravanners like you.

Our hassle-free process

Our caravan specialists are here to help you buy used caravans in the fastest and simplest way possible. Here are
the main steps you can expect to take when you buy with us:

V2Brand Guidelines

We ask for your requirements during our first point of contact.

V2Brand Guidelines

We show you our stock of recycled caravans and help you find the right unit for your lifestyle.

V2Brand Guidelines

We show you our reasonable prices throughout the negotiation and hide no additional costs from you.

V2Brand Guidelines

Once you’ve found the static home or tourer you love, we move it to your desired location on your preferred date.

We genuinely want you to start your own caravanning journey. With this, we don’t hide
extra fees from you; we help you find the best second-hand caravan for your lifestyle
without breaking the bank.

Find a caravan you can call your own

Ready to live out your dream staycation or camping trip? We’re here to help! Complete the
enquiry form below and our caravan specialists will get back to you as soon as possible to
discuss your budget and requirements.

Our services

Caravanning is an exciting journey, but we understand that it can also be quite complicated and costly at times. With our own service and repair centre, we offer a range of services such as caravan breaking and disposal, and caravan salvage. We also sell expertly recycled second-hand caravan parts so that you can enhance your static or touring caravan without breaking the bank.

You can count on CAravanBreakersNearMe.com to make your journey a little less stressful and all the more worthwhile!


Breaking & disposal

Our expert caravan breakers dispose of and break unwanted caravans properly. We follow strict environmental standards and recycle whatever salvageable caravan parts we find.


Sell your caravan

We turn your unwanted static or touring caravan into cash. To get started, all you need to do is contact our specialists and get your completely transparent valuation.


Buy used
caravan parts

We take the stress and unnecessary costs out of caravanning for you. Let us know your requirements and we’ll help you find the best fit from our meticulously recycled second-hand caravan parts.


24/7 Recovery

Emergencies can happen at any time. With this, we offer 24/7 caravan salvage and recovery services across the UK to accommodate any need you may have as promptly as possible.


Servicing & repairs

We carry out professional caravan repairs and servicing to get your caravan back in good working order. We visit your site, assess the service you need, and give you transparent prices.


Buy used caravans

We help you find cheap caravans for sale among our stock of well-maintained second-hand caravans. Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find the right unit for you.

Why buy Recycled static or touring caravans with us

At CaravanBreakersNearMe.com , we pride ourselves on having years of experience in buying and recycling used caravans across the UK. This helped us build a solid inventory of second-hand caravans across major brands for customers to choose from. On top of that, we’ve helped thousands of aspiring caravanners find the unit that complements their lifestyle and budget.

Here are some more reasons to buy your first or next used caravan with us.

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We have a simple, transparent process

Buying second-hand caravans naturally involves doubts and worries. With this, we practise honesty and transparency from start to finish to give you peace of mind. We show you around our units, give you their complete details and offer transparent computations.

We also stock a range of recycled caravan parts

We help you get a static home or tourer at an affordable price, but we’re also here to bring its upkeep and maintenance costs down. We sell thousands of caravan spare parts and accessories that come with warranties, allowing you to painlessly refurbish your caravan.

We work to protect the environment

We’re equally invested in caring for the environment. This is why we thoroughly recondition the unwanted caravans we purchase from private owners and recycle them back to the caravanning market for others to use. We do our part to help preserve our planet and let you enjoy its beauty!

Buy used caravans without the hassle

Let us help you avoid hidden costs and undisclosed issues when buying used caravans from
unprofessional dealers. Contact us today and let’s discuss your requirements.

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