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Blackpool is an awe-inspiring, fun-loving seaside town situated on the Irish Sea coast of England. It is home to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the UK’s most ride intensive theme park. It’s also where the tallest roller coaster in the UK stands. 

On top of that, Blackpool is also among the most popular British holiday destinations, welcoming more than 18 million visitors each year. It has a wide variety of caravan sites for all holidaymakers to enjoy, from quiet parks with basic amenities to massive family-friendly parks with loads of activities. 

With these, the seaside town has an abundance of static homes and touring caravans. And like automobiles, it pays to remember that these caravans also age and wear down over time. At some point, they need to be broken down and disposed of. This entails the need for expert caravan breakers in Blackpool. 

Our solution to safe and
proper Blackpool caravan breaking
and disposal

The problem is that breaking down and discarding caravans properly is easier said than done. On top of that, caravans have not been dismantled and disposed of responsibly over the past years. All of these added a strain on the environment and further aggravated global warming. 

It’s also not easy to find reliable caravan breakers in Blackpool. Caravan owners and caravan park managers often struggle to hire specialists who can dispose of their old or unwanted caravans in a professional and environmentally conscious manner. exists to solve these problems — and offer so much more. With years of experience, we have become the go-to choice for breaking touring and static caravans in Blackpool. We utilise our extensive industry experience to dispose of all materials properly and safely, helping our customers scrap their unwanted units painlessly. 

Before we begin, one of our specialists will give you an over-the-phone valuation of your unwanted touring caravan or static caravan first. This valuation will be subject to one of our specialists visiting and reviewing the said unit. Should your caravan not have any value, we offer transparent caravan removal, breaking and disposal prices in Blackpool. 

Our Blackpool caravan breakers then proceed to break your caravan, finding salvageable parts and recycling them back to the market for other caravanners to use. This enables us to help not only caravan owners but, most importantly, the planet we enjoy today. 

With us as your trusted caravan breakers in Blackpool, you can rest assured that all our caravan salvage, recovery and breaking are done within the Environment Agency’s guidelines. We also see to it that our Blackpool caravan breakers dispose of all materials in a green manner. 

Ultimately, we work according to your schedule and leave your site in good order; we put your peace of mind first from start to finish.

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Have any caravan breaking queries or requests? Contact one of our specialists today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss our Blackpool caravan breaking services for you.

Other caravan services we offer

You can consider as your one-stop-shop for all your static home or tourer needs. We don’t only specialise in breaking touring and static caravans in Blackpool; we also carry out the following to help caravanners like you get the most out of your journey


Sell your caravan

Want to upgrade your caravan but don’t know how to sell your old static home or tourer in Blackpool? We can turn your unwanted unit into cash. Contact our specialist and get your valuation to get started.


Servicing & repairs

Our caravan breakers in Blackpool are also experienced in conducting caravan repairs and servicing. Simply get in touch with us and our specialists will visit your site, assess the service you need and carry it out right away.


24/7 Recovery

Emergencies can happen at any time, but they shouldn’t stop you from living your life. This is why our expert Blackpool caravan breakers carry out 24/7 salvage and recovery across the country. We’re always ready to respond to any need you may have.


Touring Caravan Removal and Disposal

We collect recycle and dispose of your unwanted/damaged or damp touring caravan With UK- wide collections we make touring caravan disposal easy.


Static Caravan Removal and Disposal

Our expert static caravan breakers ensure your old static caravan is disposed of correctly and recycled. Our mobile teams cover all of the UK on & off site disposal