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The Lake District's
Caravan Breakers and Recycler

The Lake District is one of the most beautiful regions of the UK. Situated in the heart of Cumbria, this world-famous holiday and leisure destination boasts 16 lakes, more than 150 high peaks and 33 holiday parks. On top of that, it has an abundance of lush green hillsides and mountains, making it a popular playground for both outdoor enthusiasts and holidaymakers. 

Many vacationers from different parts of the country flock to the Lake District for their dream caravan holiday. Some head to the region with their touring caravan to get some relaxation, while others book a static home in Lake District to become closer to nature. 

With all of that said, it pays to remember that the beauty of the Lake District must not be taken for granted. For us and generations after us to continue enjoying nature’s spectacle, we must approach caravanning and tourism with the environment in mind. This is what our caravan breakers in the Lake District are here to address.

Our solution to safe and
proper Lake District caravan breaking
and disposal

The biggest issue is that caravans have not been broken down and discarded responsibly over the years. This has worsened climate change and added a strain on the environment. 

Moreover, there’s difficulty in finding trained caravan breakers in the Lake District. Owners of caravans struggle to find caravan specialists who they can trust when it comes to breaking static and touring caravans in the Lake District. Many unprofessional service providers only leave them with improperly discarded units and hefty environmental fines. 

You can count on our experts to address these pain points for you. We are the leading caravan breakers in the Lake District. 

We have been offering prompt recovery and breaking and disposal services to both private owners and caravan park managers for many years. We also work with caravan parks and sites, offering recovery and salvage services for flood-damaged caravans in the Lake District. Through our experience, we’ve improved our processes to effectively collect your unit and dispose of it according to strict environmental standards. 

Should you have an old caravan that you wish to be removed or sold, our Lake District caravan breakers can help as well. We buy all unwanted caravans, look for components we can recycle and discard the rest properly. We see to it that the breaking process is carried out following all environmental guidelines. Most importantly, we make it a point to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free service from start to finish.

Let our Lake District caravan breakers help

If you have any caravan breaking and disposal requests, feel free to contact one of our specialists today. We’ll be more than glad to discuss our Lake District caravan breaking services for you.

Other caravan services we offer is your go-to shop for all static home or tourer servicing needs. We don’t only offer reliable Lake District caravan breaking services, we also provide you with other solutions so you can truly enjoy your caravanning journey.


Sell your caravan

Need to sell your old static home or tourer in the Lake District? We’re the ones to turn to! We can turn your unwanted caravan into cash; simply contact our specialist and get a free valuation to get started.


Servicing & repairs

You can also count on our Lake District caravan specialists to carry out professional repairs and servicing. After you get in touch with us, our mobile team will visit your site, assess the repairs you need, offer transparent quotes and get to work as soon as you want them to.


24/7 Recovery

We understand that dealing with caravan emergencies is always a stressful affair. This is why our reliable caravan breakers in the Lake District carry out 24/7 collection services in the region. We’re always here to help sort out your caravan issues.


Touring Caravan Removal and Disposal

We collect recycle and dispose of your unwanted/damaged or damp touring caravan With UK- wide collections we make touring caravan disposal easy.


Static Caravan Removal and Disposal

Our expert static caravan breakers ensure your old static caravan is disposed of correctly and recycled. Our mobile teams cover all of the UK on & off site disposal