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Morecambe is a charming seaside town in the City of Lancaster. It offers both residents and tourists an award-winning promenade, one of the finest seaside views in the UK and plenty of coastal activities. 

On top of that, it’s home to some of the best holiday parks and camping sites in Lancashire. It’s a perfect destination for holidaymakers looking to get closer to nature, enjoy the fresh air and try exciting outdoor adventures. They book static homes or travel with their touring caravans to pursue their dream vacation in this beautiful seaside town. 

On that note, it helps to remember that, like automobiles, caravans need regular maintenance. Moreover, they age and wear down over time until they require to be broken down and disposed of.

Our solution to safe and
proper Morecambe caravan breaking
and disposal

Responsible caravan breaking and disposal in Morecambe has always been a struggle, unfortunately. Over the years, caravan service providers have not dismantled and discarded old and unwanted caravans. This added a strain on the environment and further worsened global warming. 

Finding professional caravan breakers in Morecambe is not that easy, too. Private caravan owners and site managers both struggle to find specialists who can dispose of their caravans without putting them at risk of paying hefty environmental fines. 

These are the pain points our Morecambe caravan breakers are here to solve. 

At, we’ve helped a number of parks and private caravan owners scrap their unwanted caravans for many years. We have a completely transparent service and pricing structure that allows us to help our customers dispose of their unwanted caravans within all guidelines from the Environment Agency. 

On top of that, we’re more than happy to pay fair prices for scrap caravans. We provide telephone valuations over the phone according to the pictures and details you send us. Should your touring or static caravan in Morecambe not have any recycling value, our Morecambe caravan breakers ensure you receive an honest disposal and breaking fee. 

With all of these, we’re proud to say that we’re the go-to and environmentally friendly caravan breakers in Morecambe.

Let our Morecambe caravan breakers help

Have any caravan breaking queries or requests? Contact one of our specialists today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss our Morecambe caravan breaking services for you.

Other caravan services we offer

You can consider  as your one-stop-shop for all your static home or tourer needs. We don’t only specialise in breaking touring and static caravans in Morecambe; we also carry out the following to help caravanners like you get the most out of your journey.


Sell your caravan

Want to upgrade your caravan but don’t know how to sell your old static home or tourer in Morecambe? We can turn your unwanted unit into cash. Contact our specialist and get your valuation to get started.


Servicing & repairs

Our caravan breakers in Morecambe are also experienced in conducting caravan repairs and servicing. Simply get in touch with us and our specialists will visit your site, assess the service you need and carry it out right away.


24/7 Recovery

Emergencies can happen at any time, but they shouldn’t stop you from living your life. This is why our expert Morecambe caravan breakers carry out 24/7 salvage and recovery across the country. We’re always ready to respond to any need you may have.


Touring Caravan Removal and Disposal

We collect recycle and dispose of your unwanted/damaged or damp touring caravan With UK- wide collections we make touring caravan disposal easy.


Static Caravan Removal and Disposal

Our expert static caravan breakers ensure your old static caravan is disposed of correctly and recycled. Our mobile teams cover all of the UK on & off site disposal