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We dispose of all unwanted tourers or static caravans throughout 

Wiltshire. Our teams provide Environmental friendly solutions  and ensure

your damp or damaged caravan is safely removed and we pay you for

any parts that we are able to salvage and recycle.

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Airstream Caravan
Breakers and Recyclers

We dispose of all unwanted tourers or static caravans throughout Wiltshire. Our teams provide Environmental friendly solutions  and ensureyour damp or damaged caravan is safely removed and we pay you for any parts that we are able to salvage and recycle.

3 Simple Steps

V2Brand Guidelines

Provide us with the Caravan make, model, age, condition and location.

V2Brand Guidelines

We provide a fair valuation for any recycled parts and remove that from the breaking and disposal cost.

V2Brand Guidelines

We arrange prompt payment or a collection time to suit you. Then, let our experts do the rest.

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Prices onsite Static caravan breaking and removal


Static up to 28 feet

Breaking cost £1700
Waste management *
Fuel surcharge *


Static from 28 to 36 feet

Breaking Cost £2050
waste management *
fuel surcharge *


Static over 36 feet

Breaking Cost £2400
Waste management *
Fuel Surcharge *


Off site removal and breaking

Should your static have a resale value we will deduct the transport cost from that value. Then pay you the remainder
contact us for valuation and pricing

*waste management prices are passed on to the customer at cost this price includes the removal of all none recyclable materials.

*Fuel surcharge all prices include up-to a max of 2 hours travel time for our disposal teams. There is a charge of £45 per hour for travel time over 2 hours.

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Caravan Breakers

I am enquiring if you take old touring caravans as I have an old one once used for promotions but it’s actually currently stored at Newbridge Scotland and would need collecting.

Hi I have a 2000 Hobby Prestige on a site in Annan, Scotland. I’m looking to remove it from its permanent pitch at the end of October. We are no longer going to be going there and are looking to sell it. Caravan is in a used condition as you would expect. Hope you can help.

Hi, I have a static. Boiler & piping will be 2 years old. New fuse box (again 2 years old). I’m looking for it to be removed / dismantled. On site dismantling can be arranged.

Hi, I have the above caravan that I want rid of. It has a missing nearside window (stolen) and consequently, some damp has got in. I removed the cushions but otherwise, everything is intact and in good condition. Cooker/grill, fridge, heater, water pump, spare wheel/tyre, etc. Would you like to pick it up?

Hello. I have a caravan to remove. By any chance do you work in Scotland?

I have a static caravan in my garden which we are moving out of. As it is over 10 years old, we cannot move it to a site. The caravan is in good condition for parts and scrap. Will you be able to provide a quote for someone to come and collect and scrap the caravan please? Thanks.

Hi. I have a 2004 Lunar Quasar with mover. How much would you offer for this van? (It also has an awning). Thanks.

Hi. My elderly neighbor has an old touring caravan that she needs to get rid of. Can you tell me if you are able to remove it, and how much it will cost please? So I can let her know. We are just outside Penrith.

I have a 1996-97-ish Elddis Cyclone which we have been using for the past 7 years. Everything works in it – fridge, oven, heating etc. Includes a large Dometic Heki skylight which I bought from you also. Water and wastewater carriers included. Also includes a new tyre summer 2019. Bit of damp under the front window and roof from leaking seal, so I’m looking to dispose of it. Located in Cockermouth.

I have a 1991 Abi Ace Globetrotter for scrap. Would I be able to bring it in? It is in storage at the minute.

This is a smallholding and we have a 35 foot caravan to scrap. Free to anyone who will either take it away or dismantle on site and take it away. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.

Hello. I have an old caravan that’s past its best. Would you be interested in it for scrap? A fairly large 5 Berth. I wouldn’t think it was road worthy. Regards.

Do you have any Willerby caravans breaking? I am looking for a kitchen drawer (or two) for a Willerby Lyndhurst 2000 caravan. Drawer width is 400mm. Drawer front is 450mm x 170mm. Beech type colour with onyx circular handles. Do you have anything like this in stock? (Even if in different colour) Best regards.