Compass Caravan
Breakers are the UK leading Compass caravan breakers and recyclers.

We collect and recycle your old Compass Caravan. 

Locations throughout the UK


Compass Caravan Breakers
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Compass Caravan
Breakers are the UK leading Compass caravan breakers and recyclers.

We collect and recycle your old Compass Caravan. 

Locations throughout the UK


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V2Brand Guidelines

Provide us with the Caravan make, model, age, condition and location.

V2Brand Guidelines

We provide a fair valuation for any recycled parts and remove that from the breaking and disposal cost.

V2Brand Guidelines

We arrange prompt payment or a collection time to suit you. Then, let our experts do the rest.

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We’d love to help you with any of your caravan needs or questions. Our caravan specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Hi there I’m struggling to find a door or glass for my static caravan I moved into my son chucked a rock and been trying for 3 months to get glass with no luck due to age of the van

Hello looking for a gas bottle for a touring caravan thanks Stephen

Good morning I am looking for a fridge door middle shelf for an Electrolux RM 6271, it is 367mm wide. Kind regards Frank

Hi do you have a L/H hartal evoline outer door lock/handle? My van is a 2017 swift sprite major 6td. Thanks

Hi do you have a door for a 2001 swift meridian and also the bit that covers the tap in the shower. Thanks.

Looking for a second hand sink for my static caravan

Hi. I hope you can help I’m after a replacement front centre window for my caravan. The caravan is a 2006 Bailey pageant series 5 Bretagne. The chassis number is SGBSC09BY60601877 The window is the front centre. It’s tinted. The aperture is 690mm wide x 715mm high Window measurements are 770mm wide x 790mm high. This is just the plastic and does not include the top metal hinge. I know that’s a lot of info but hopefully gives you all the info you need. Hope you can help.

Thanks in advance. Dave.

Hi, I have a 2004 Bailey pageant Loire that needs a new window due to a crack near the top. I’ve got photos and sizes if that helps. Do you have one in stock please?

Hi We are looking for a short let in a caravan. Our problem is we are moving from private rented house to housing association house in wigton. It’s looking like we will need something temporary for a few weeks in September, can you help? Or know of anyone please?

Hi, I’m needing 2 windows 68cmx34cm, by fold door for the shower. Front and back passenger side corner bumper please

Hi I am looking for replacement chrome plated trays for my electrolux motorhome fridge. It is 1994 and is a electrolux rm2260. Can you help Alex.

Hi I lost my caravan window while towing yesterday. I was wondering if you have any windows 108x52cm available?

Hi, Looking for a Right hand side Rear Bumper for a PIlote A690 2006 Motorhome, Can you Help? Mark Hilliard

Hi I have a 2008 ace award and was wondering if you have a ne143-mh or a sargent px300 battery charger or something that will plug into the original connections if so how much will it cost please. Many Thanks Mick

Hi looking for a toe bar frame cover and upholstery for a 2004 eddis carron thanks alan