Fendt Caravan

CaravanBreakersNearme.com are the UK leading Fendt caravan breakers and recyclers.We collect and recycle your old Fendt Caravan. 

Locations throughout the UK

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Fendt Caravan

CaravanBreakersNearme.com are the UK leading Fendt caravan breakers and recyclers.We collect and recycle your old Fendt Caravan. 

Locations throughout the UK

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Provide us with the Caravan make, model, age, condition and location.

V2Brand Guidelines

We provide a fair valuation for any recycled parts and remove that from the breaking and disposal cost.

V2Brand Guidelines

We arrange prompt payment or a collection time to suit you. Then, let our experts do the rest.

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Hi I am looking for a Dometic RMS 8500 freezer compartment for my fridge, The bottom compartment and front door, plus the metal shelf inside the freezer compartment, can you help. Look forward to your reply. Daphne

Looking for unit to replace on side door of motorhome

HI got name from my son grant as i believe you have you have booked with us. I am looking for the black end finisher for the deco rail with plastic insert as fitted to Elddis Avante 2003 and others hope you can help as i have had no luck so far Ally C

Hi there do you have any static caravan seats available? Any condition as recovering and at what price?

Hi there. Just to ask if you would happen to have a replacement damper for our 1991 Elldis shamal please? A bit of a long shot but worth asking I thought. Or if you’d have any idea where I might find such a thing please? Thanks for taking the time to read this Kind regards Gill Pert.

We are looking for an oven door to fit a Country Leisure Prima 600. The model year is 2004. Alternatively a grill/oven ( no hob required) which is 600 wide. Can you help?

Hello I have an old motorhome and the roll out awning has broken. I’m looking for a replacement. Would you have a roll out or wind out awning available? Has to be 3 meters long. Thanks

I have 2014 Autosleeper Kingham,the toilet bowl is broken and I need a complete replacement toilet unit, I think the model is a dometic 4010, but can confirm exactly if you have any units that maybe similar. Regards Mick Hills

Hi I have a really old caravan I need to move its not worth anything and I was wondering how much you charge if possible to come and remove it. It is currently in kendal. Cheers Jamie

HI there I am looking for a powrtouch motor with gear box for my mover, I believe its the mk1 model. Cheers Jim

do you have a electrolux fridge for a camper think its a 2004

Hello. I’m looking for a Sargent C44 fuse box. Could you let me know if you have one available please? Many thanks

Hi there, I have to replace a lock or maybe both on the front door of my Avondale grampian XL, do you have the locks, I think they are Zadi , or do you have the whole front door of the locker, also , have you any other parts for a mid 90’s avondale grampian Xl, just might be useful. I can send the pic of the lock if it helps for similar versions that may fit. Cheers Phil.

We have a karina 2020 cooker & we are after a replacement glass lid for the hob

Hi there, do you have a middle front window for the above caravan in stock? If you do, do you arrange delivery to Inverness? Thanks Stuart McCall