Sterckeman Caravan
Breakers are the UK leading Sterckeman caravan breakers and recyclers.We collect and recycle your old Sterckeman Caravan. 

Locations throughout the UK

Sterckeman Caravan Breakers
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Sterckeman Caravan
Breakers are the UK leading Sterckeman caravan breakers and recyclers.We collect and recycle your old Sterckeman Caravan. 

Locations throughout the UK

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Provide us with the Caravan make, model, age, condition and location.

V2Brand Guidelines

We provide a fair valuation for any recycled parts and remove that from the breaking and disposal cost.

V2Brand Guidelines

We arrange prompt payment or a collection time to suit you. Then, let our experts do the rest.

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We’d love to help you with any of your caravan needs or questions. Our caravan specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Hi. Trying to locate a stainless steel kitchen sink for an ace award firestar touring van (2009) and wonder id you had anything? Thanks

Hi I need a replacement battery box for my lunar delta ri 2016 Do you have any Thanks

Would you possibly have a Reich pull out shower tap assembly ??

Hi I need a second hand gas cooker to my caravan with oven and grill Do you have it and how much

Hi, I’m looking for a sink and cooker for a 2001 Swift Archway. Not in green. Thanks

I see you window on eBay need to get few more sizes please

Good evening I am looking for a replacement front passenger side (near side) window for my 2005 Elddis avante 636. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Kind regards Kenny Reid

Hi im looking for a fendt 510 tf 2003 window for the bathroom, can you help? Regards Ian

Hi do you have a caravan cooker and a large skylight thanks

Hi I,m looking for a kitchen tap for a Willerby Signature static caravan. Also do you post out if I send you the postage or pay CO D thank you Marylyn Boal

Hi do u ave any lunar zenith five caravans. Available single axle am looking for some wheel arches( sprats ) ave ripped on of mines off and a can’t seem to find the part??

Hi I currently have a carver 4000 fanmaster in my caravan and it doesn’t work on gas so I am looking for a suitable replacement if you have anything available? Thanks Ryan

Looking a bathroom window 495 x 585mm – and a rear bicycle access door of a 2005 Bailey Pageant Bretagne Series 5 if you have anything?

Hi I am looking for a rear bumper ,rear side window and rear exterior handles for a 2005 Fendt saphir 490q caravan