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We buy Static Caravans that are aged from 2003 to present across the UK. 

Our expert team handles the process from start to finish. 

Unlike other companies in the UK we are one of the UK’s leading supplier

of used Static Caravans to Europe. 

Shipping over 200 Static Caravans per year. 

This ensures all our UK customers are given the best price for their Static Caravan. 

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Sell Your Unwanted Touring Caravan
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Sell your

Your caravan enhances your lifestyle in many ways. It gives you the freedom to roam, travel with friends or relax during the weekend without the high costs. However, there will come a time when you’ll have to get an upgrade and let your tourer or static home go because of its damages, wear and tear or age. 

Unfortunately, selling your caravan isn’t as easy as it seems, especially if you’re doing it on your own. But don’t fret — our caravan buying specialists are here to assist you! 

At, we’ve bought thousands of used tourers and static homes from private owners across the UK. We take caravans of all major brands from Cardinal to Swift, and from 2-berth to 6-berth tourers. Most importantly, we accept units despite their damages, damp issues or age. We utilise our transparent process and fair valuations to help you maximise the value of your caravan.

Our transparent Static and Touring caravan buying process

Our caravan buying specialists ensure that you get the most out of your unwanted Static or Touring Caravan through our simple
and completely transparent process:

V2Brand Guidelines

Provide us basic details of your Static or Touring Caravan
Make/ Model/Age/Location

V2Brand Guidelines

We will provide you with a fair valauation.

V2Brand Guidelines

We make payment and deal with all aspect including caravan park procedures

V2Brand Guidelines

Our transport will collect the Static or Touring at a suitable time with minimal fuss

In this way, we deliver exactly what you need: quick service, fair prices, and the
efficient disposal of your touring caravan or static home. 

*We can also take unusable and older static and touring caravans subject to our breaking fees”

Ready to convert your caravan into cash?

We’d love to help you sell your caravan fast and easy. If you’re ready to turn it into cash and upgrade your lifestyle as soon as possible, complete the form below and our buying specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our services

Caravanning is an exciting journey, but we understand that it can also be quite complicated and costly at times. With our own service and repair centre, we offer a range of services such as caravan breaking and disposal, and caravan salvage. We also sell expertly recycled second-hand caravan parts so that you can enhance your static or touring caravan without breaking the bank.

You can count on to make your journey a little less stressful and all the more worthwhile!


Breaking & disposal

Our expert caravan breakers dispose of and break unwanted caravans properly. We follow strict environmental standards and recycle whatever salvageable caravan parts we find.


Sell your caravan

We turn your unwanted static or touring caravan into cash. To get started, all you need to do is contact our specialists and get your completely transparent valuation.


Buy used
caravan parts

We take the stress and unnecessary costs out of caravanning for you. Let us know your requirements and we’ll help you find the best fit from our meticulously recycled second-hand caravan parts.

Why sell your caravan to

With years of experience in buying used tourers and static homes across the UK. We’ve also bought unwanted,
unused and second-hand caravans of varying conditions from private owners. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have
improved the way we do our job to better help caravanners like you. 

Need more convincing? Here are some more reasons to sell your caravan to our buying specialist

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We have a simple, hassle-free process

Selling your tourer or static home requires a lot of work. You’ll need to advertise it, show potential buyers around and conduct negotiations. But with us as your partner, we simplify the selling process and get you your cash in your hand or bank within 24 hours after contacting us.

We offer fair valuations

We specialise in caravan recycling in the UK; we’re skilled in maximising the value of unwanted tourers or static homes and recycling their parts. We study your unit’s condition thoroughly, look for salvageable components and offer you fair and honest valuations accordingly.

We help protect the environment

We protect the planet while helping you sell your caravan. When you turn your unit over to us, we find parts we can save and put them through a rigorous recycling process for other caravanners to use. We discard the rest while following strict environmental guidelines.

Sell your caravan fast and fair

Get in touch with our buying specialists and exchange your
unwanted caravan for cash within 24 hours.

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